At a very young age, Steven took djembe lessons with Senegalese percussionist Ndiaye Rose and soon began expanding to other percussive instruments, including sabar, congas, bongos, timbales, timbal and others. He worked on his skills as a musician not only by taking many different classes, but also by traveling to countries with different musical styles, including Senegal, Guinea, Curacao, Maroc and Brazil. This broadened Steven’s musical passion from African percussion to include Brazilian and Latin music.


Currently, Steven is recording and touring with the bandKOFFIE, but for the past two years he has also performed with bands like Banda Magda (USA), The Re:Freshed Orchestra (NL),  The Bill Laurance Group (UK) and Grammy Award winning band Snarky Puppy (USA). Steven can be heard on the Snarky Puppy album We like it here for which he recorded as a guest musician in Kytemans studio. This work with Snarky Puppy led to broad recognition, while the KOFFIE album Huntu gave way to performances at many music festivals, bringing Steven’s percussion sounds to a wider audience. Jazzism described Huntu as outstanding album.

Photo: Wim Barzilay

Photo: Minou Spits

These projects and collaborations made Steven into the versatile percussionist he is today. Steven values innovation and tries to mix different styles and rhythms throughout all his musical endeavors. At the moment Steven is recording his own music. He released 2 salsa singles ‘Esta Es Mi Rumba’ and ‘My Teachers’. Also Steven released a Brazilian single ‘Gringo Barril’. And finally he released his first album which was recorded in Kytopia Utrecht. It is a mix of Afrobeat and Funk.

In february 2019, Steven will go to Brasil to play – as the first and only Dutch artist –  at the legendary ‘Salvador da Bahia’. For seven days long he will ride and play together with the Brazilian artist Denny Denan in the streets of Salvador.

Endorsed by: Gon Bops, Contemporanea, Zildjian, Afriek, Soul Dila & Innovative Percussion